It’s that time of the year again! What to get that special running and fitness-minded loved one for the holidays? No worries, below is a list of great gift ideas for a runner of any level. Whether you’re looking for some great stocking stuffers or the present that knocks her socks off, its all here: the ultimate holiday gift guide for runners by runners.

YoYo Mats

A runner’s gift guide that starts with yoga? That’s right! Sometimes becoming a better runner doesn’t directly involve running. Most runners don’t enjoy it; but every runner needs it: a solid stretch. Take it one step further and encourage the runner in your life to work the mind and the body and incorporate yoga into his routine. The team at Yoyo Mats has developed one of those products that makes you think “Of course. Why didn’t that exist sooner?” Made with high-quality materials, the YoYo Mat is the world’s only self-rolling yoga mat. Rolling to perfection every time, the Yoyo Mat is a pleasure not only to practice Warrior 3 on, but to roll up and carry home after.

Logitech Video Games

There’s no debate here. For those epics sprint sessions or especially enjoyable long runs, a great soundtrack goes a long way. Take it from me, I’ve tested numerous earbuds this year and finally, happily, found the perfect wireless buds in JayBird Run. Using the interchangeable tips and fins, these buds fit securely into any ear for any and all sweat-pouring sessions. Water-resistant with a sound that is completely customizable, these buds go everywhere I go, because why?- The battery is great too! Four hours non-stop play with a small charger pod, juicing them back up for another eight, the JayBird Run will be any runner’s favorite sidekick.


A runner’s safety comes first! We’ve got see what’s ahead of us, if only to conquer it and continue moving on. For those ultra-distance races or a few blocks around the neighborhood, the Black Diamond Spot headlamp is the best choice out there. One QuadPower LED and one DoublePower white LED emit 300 lumens for a variety of lighting options. Strobe, activate red night-vision, use full strength power to view distances in close range or at a distance, or perhaps dim, the lightweight Black Diamond Spot covers all viewing needs while fitting with comfort. Did I mention its housing is waterproof? This is the headlamp for any adventure that can’t wait for sunlight.

Black Diamond Equipment LTD

Safety goes not just for your runner, but for man’s best friends too! The newly redesigned LightHound by Noxgear easily slips on any size furred pup to get out the door in a flash or in one of the multiple color options. Feeling Blue? Pink? Maybe Windsor is feeling like being a Disco Dog or even the Independence Day color setting; the lighting options seem endless. The LightHound boosts true 360 degree illumination and reflectivity making it visible from over half a mile away for up to 12 hours with each charge. Did Windsor take a roll in the mud? No problem, simply throw the LightHound in the wash for a quick and easy clean.


No doubt your runner friend will get jealous Windsor is getting all the attention in his LightHound? Noxgear has just the vest for him or her too! Choose between six color options or five multi-color flashing modes while wearing this super lightweight, adjustable and chafe-free vest. Over a t-shirt or a heavier winter jacket, the high quality sports mesh and elastic of the Tracer360 guarantees minimal fabric contact with the body, meaning less sweat trapped and it won’t interfere with heart rate monitor if one happens to be worn. The Tracer360 is as much a fashion piece as it is a safety necessity. Ok, maybe not, but it is fun to wear while warning drivers, up to a quarter mile away, your runner is on a mission to complete some miles.

ChalkTalk SPORTS

Little compares to the power of setting goals, tracking results, feelings and effort. But all too often we, runners, set a goal without any idea on how to get there. Help your loved-one bridge the gap from where she is and where she wants to be with a Running Journal by Gone For A Run. 160 pages of high quality paper, with a strong vinyl cover, this is the perfect place for any runner to commit to new “Goals.” The “My Run” section keeps track of daily workout and miles. “My Races” logs PRs and those runs that perhaps fell seconds shy of desired times. A Running Journal has become one of my most important tools as a runner, tracking what’s done and what’s yet to be. And what can be more motivating than seeing progress made?


An upgraded smart watch is always a welcome idea for any fitness enthusiast. The Garmin Forerunner 935 is simply one of the best premium lightweight running and triathlon watches on the market. Tracking your athlete’s activities, the Forerunner 935 evaluates performance and efficiency through the new anaerobic training metric giving insight into how current training is paving the way for further results. Measuring cadence, stride length, vertical oscillation and more, the Forerunner 935 aids athletes with precise data to help reach the greatest of goals. A battery life of up to 24 hours in GPS mode, 50 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode or two weeks of usage when using it as a basic smart watch, this Garmin is the ultimate workout assistant.


Sure a smart watch is always a great idea when it comes to great tech gifts for runners, but this holiday think different. Your healthy, loved-one will thank you! Look no further than the AIR RELAX-2 compression leg suit by Air Relax. An FDA approved, medical grade device, recommended and used by professional sport therapists, chiropractors and physicians, your runner’s legs slip into the sleeves for a choice of four treatment modes. Improving blood circulation and lymphatic system function, this device aids sport injuries, reduces fatigue and quickens muscle recovery getting your runner back on her feet, ready for another long run in practically no time.


Speaking of recovery, often the most over-looked part of any fitness routine, InnoGear’s oil diffuser provides zen-like aromatherapy to relax with. Create that spa-like feeling in any room with this 200ml wood grain diffuser. It silently adds a light mist to dry air, along with a pleasant aroma of your choosing. Add just a couple drops of essential oils to help reach a blissful headspace for pure relaxation of body and mind. InnoGear’s soft mood light rotates between seven available colors, or pick one favorite for a continuous glow. Good to diffuse for up to six hours at a time, a great gift for any runner always on the go, in need of some self-care.

Christopher McDougall

This could be the most famous book ever written regarding, and for good reason. Two weeks after reading it this Spring, I jumped into a caravan of other runners pilgrimaging to Mexico to live out the adventure described in the book. It’s that inspiring! Christopher McDougall writes of a world hidden at the bottom of Cooper Canyon, the small town of Urique and the local Rarámuri people known for their long-distance running abilities. A battle of distance and speed, Born To Run follows the competition between locals and outsiders while diving into our primitive running genetics and making legends out of those profiled. Every runner, every serious adventurer, needs to read Born To Run.


There are some items runners just can’t get enough of. A lightweight, breathable sock is one of these items. Trust me on this one, I’ve never worn softer, more durable, socks than those by Cariloha. Designed with signature arch support, seamless toe construction and odor-resistant bamboo blends, these are the socks for any shoe on every foot. Comfy and cozy whether out on a run or recovering on the couch, Cariloha’s moisture wicking, bamboo socks are a runner’s go-too. This holiday stuff his or her stocking with stockings… just make them bamboo socks by Cariloha.


Just because its cold, doesn’t mean your runner needs slack on his miles. Help him or her stay warm with this SmartWool Cuffed Beanie. SmartWool is one of my favorite outdoor, adventure, clothing companies on the market combining breathable, functional wool with fun, stylish designs. This thermo-regulating 100% Merino wool Cuffed Beanie provides just the right amount of warmth without being overbearing. Odor resistant it’ll withstand those chilly morning warm-ups that turn into joyous runs through white Winter wonderlands.


We can’t have a warm head and frosty hands! These SmartWool Liner Gloves go perfectly with the Cuffed Beanie. With a lightweight knit of 45% Merino Wool and 45% Acrylic there is an ease of movement allowing hands to stay warm without loss of function. Because your runner will be pulling out her iPhone to snap pictures of her run, or he’ll be changing up his playlist, the knit-in touch screen capability thumb and index finger are the perfect added touch.


This holiday season there are countless ways to show your love and appreciation for the runner in your life. Know the shoes she loves to run in? Every runner appreciates having another pair. Maybe his progress could benefit from a little cross-training? A membership to a local pool might be a great idea. Maybe between her job, the kids and getting in her miles she hasn’t had time to unwind and breath. Who doesn’t enjoy a few hours at a spa? Or maybe you’ve heard her talk of that great adventure race she’d love to get to- Give her the gift of a race entry and help her reach a new goal. Be creative, have fun and remember, it’s not about the gift but all about the love!

…By the way, this runner friend of yours… It’s ok if she’s you! Promise I won’t tell! Everyone needs a little self-care, especially around the holidays.


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